Learners of the week ending 16th March


Charlie – After the disappointment of not being able to run in the Cross Country qualifier due to our trip to Liddington, he was offered a last minute place at the County Finals!

Phoebe & Isabelle – These two are Superstars! Both girls do a great job of remaining on task at all times, always have their homework completed and work hard at being helpful.



Adam, Tom & Joel – For being so adapatable at Liddington. They dealt with every situation with flexibility.

Bradley M – For being so hard-working this week when he has been facing challenging circumstances.



Masie - for showing the virtue of determination in her Maths this term. Masie does find Maths hard at times but this half term she has been really determined to succeed. She stays focused on the carpet and listens carefully to what she is being asked to do. She has really grasped the concept of multiplication and division and it is pleasure seeing her grow in confidence. 

Harry - for showing the virtues of confidence and determination. Harry has been such a pleasure to teach this half term and he is so determined to succeed. Harry has taken on some feedback given by Mrs Eddy and is now working tirelessly at home and at school to ensure he is showing what he can do. His confidence has grown hugely and his hand is up so often on the carpet. I am thrilled with how Harry is now tackling new and harder Maths. Keep up the hard work Harry!

William - for showing the virtue of diligence. William has also turned a huge corner with this learning this half term. His hand is up all of the time, especially in Maths and he is thriving on the new challenge of being more focused and more confident. William is getting is head down and getting on with his work to ensure he is showing the adults what he is able to do.  



Stephanie - for practising the virtue of selflessness. Sometimes it can be tricky for Stephanie and her sister Lily when one of them is chosen for something and the other isn’t. However, this week Lily was chosen to speak in the church and Stephanie was very humble, she felt proud that her sister was speaking and was not upset that she did not have a lead role.

Leo – for his honestly this week. Leo is working hard to develop and control his emotions. He was faced with an opportunity to either withhold information or be honest. Leo chose to be honest when he could have not told me and for that I am extremely proud of him.



Lucy W - for the virtue of diligence - Lucy is a superb role model for her peers. She tries her best with great positivity and sets herself a high standard to strive towards. The stars class will miss her when she moves to Scotland next week but her new school will truly have gained a star!

Nathaniel - for the virtue of enthusiasm - Nathaniel brings a smile and a positive attitude to everything he does. He always tries hard and is eager to join in with class discussions and to share his ideas. Well done!