Learners of the week ending 15th June



Taylor and Bradley M - Both of these children have shown a much improved and mature attitude towards their learning this week. Both have worked hard in Maths and seem to be enjoying the challenges more and more. They have learned to work together and in a group constructively and I have been very impressed- Keep it up!



Sarah - Fantastic resilience and hard work in the face of lots of distractions on her table.

Jayden - Always positive and engaged with all work.

Special Mentions

Ryan and Ben - for energy in maths.




Last Friday, after school in swimming club, one of the other children had forgotten their goggles and were becoming upset. Without being asked, Imogen got out of the pool and offered her goggles to the upset child. Imogen showed a number of the virtues we are looking for in our students, well done.


Ella goes about her work quietly, she is hard working and listens closely to the advice and pointers she is given. Throughout this year we have seen Ella's confidence grow which is wonderful. She is also a passionate sailor, she is able to help those around her who have less experience on Thursdays when we sail.


Special Mentions

Corin - was off ill recently, but has come back into school and got straight on with his work, not always easy to do. Well done Corin.

Cameron - For taking more ownership about when he needs to use certain pieces of equipment, be it a laptop or a writing slope. Well done Cameron.



Izzy - for showing the virtues of bravery and courage this week. Izzy is following a new plan designed by her to help with the transition into talking at school. She has made great strides this week with her plans and Mrs Eddy is blown away by just how brave and courageous she has been. It is so lovely to see her chatting with friends and adults whilst Mum and Dad are slowly getting further away from the classroom. I hope this continues into the future. Well done Izzy.

Tehya - for being like a little ray of sunshine. Tehya always makes us smile and has the whole class in stitches on a daily basis. She is like a shining light and we love having her as part of the class. 


Skyla - Skyla became a member of the smarties this week, and has settled so quickly into class.  She demonstrates lots of confidence and friendliness and already feels like part of the team.

Olivia Sh - I really noticed Olivia being so helpful with Skyla in ICT.  Although lots of the other girls have been very friendly towards her, Olivia went out of her way to make sure she could log on to the computer, knew where to find the powerpoint icon and supported her throughout the lesson.  Well done Olivia


Special Mention for Zac J - Another really good week, Zac has been very keen, focused and especially great at symmetry.  Keep it up Zac.



ALL OF DOLPHINS CLASS for their courage, determination and excellence over the year but particularly this week in the phonics quiz. They have needed to find the courage to give unusual words a go, they have had the determination to beat me and have shown their excellence in their knowledge of phonics. They have all worked so hard and I am extremely proud of each and every one of them!!!! Well done Dolphins!



Robyn – For the Virtue of Enthusiasm – Robyn always demonstrates great enthusiasm towards all aspects of her learning. Robyn has particularly impressed me with her enthusiasm towards her maths this week as she has been problem solving with her friends to double, halve and share.

Isabel – For the Virtue of Enthusiasm – Isabel is a very enthusiastic member of our class, she particularly demonstrated this when writing about the Gingerbread Man this week. Isabel persevered, had fantastic ideas and was able to produce some great writing. Well done Isabel.