Learners of the week ending 13th July



Jude - for reflecting really maturely on our virtues project. Shona came in to work with The Dragonflies on Tuesday and Jude sat within the circle and reflected so well on examples of when he and others had shown courage. He really understands the language of the virtues and is able to notice how these fit in with our characteristics and behaviours.

Summer - for showing the virtue of wisdom this week when talking about where our food comes from. Summer was able to say what animals are turned into what food and where we might buy it. She was able to say what plants give us food. I was very pleased with her knowledge and wisdom surrounding this area of Science. 



Darcy - Darcy has just finished this year as a superstar.  I have noticed her all week, working diligently in everything we have done.  It doesn't matter to Darcy that it is the end of term, she is still putting 100% into all that is asked of her.

Deacon, Max, Zachary, Zak, Riley - As a group of likely lads, we were not sure how our 'build a birds nest' challenge was actually going to go, however this was the team that impressed the most.  They listened to the instructions carefully and made sure they had all the correct resources listed.  They actually thought about what a bird would use and be able to carry themselves.  They then used the structure of a tree to support their nest.  A very successful and co-operative team.  Well done boys.



Ember, Chloe, Liam, Emily T, Tori, Corey R and Gracie – For consistently showing joyfulness and reliability throughout the year.

A special mention goes to all of the Dolphins class for working hard all year. They have made so much progress. I’m so proud of each and every one of them, Mrs Eddy is very lucky to have them next year.



Grace - Joyfulness

Grace is full of joy, she approaches all she does with a smile on her face and a postive attitude. This is a wonderful quality and she is a great role model to her friends. Welldone!

Olivia - reliability and determination

Olivia always tries to complete the tasks she has been set and can be relied on to manage her time well. She showed great determination when working on her innovations for the 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch' story. Well done!

BW Resilience

B has shown greater resilience when facing challenges, she has shown a postive attitude and has persevered in order to complete her tasks. Well done!

Layla - Helpfulness and Reliability

Layla is always happy to help a friend and she was such a knowledgeable and considerate partner when we were editing our writing. Layla has shown a increasingly mature attitude to her work and can be relied on to put in a good effort, well done!



Noel – for the virtue of friendliness- Noel is a lovely member of our class who always shows his friendliness and kindness to everyone that he meets. Noel has made the new members of our class feel very welcome. Noel particularly demonstrated this virtue on our school trip to Glendurgan Gardens as I heard Noel say Hello to the different people that were visiting the garden.

Robyn - for the virtue of helpfulness – Robyn was extremely helpful yesterday on our school trip because she told all of her friends to get to one side when other visitors were passing us on the paths. Thank you Robyn for being so helpful!